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"Yu-Jin" is Chinese. It means "very discreet jade (the green stone). Which, in itself, represents me quite well. Sometimes.

Born in China and living in Belgium, you could think I have been travelling since childhood.

But in reality, I am not, I mean... I was not. 
In reality, what has always made me dream is traveling. I love sneaking into places and contexts unusual and particulars.

After that, it's my favorite moment: the exchange with others.
 What intrigues and motivates me is to understand, or at least try to understand, their way of life, their culture, or more simply their mentality. 
But before that, I observe. And often, I'm not alone, as I'm accompanied by my camera and my famous little green bag. 
Interacting with people is what allows me to develop my critical mind and my own opinions (the trap is when I let myself be influenced too much).
When I was little, my grandma used to call me "curieuzeneuze mosterdpot". Fortunately, some people consider this as a quality. But it can also be a flaw. I often realize that the subjects I want to deal with are the ones that aren't often talked about. Because, in the end, if we don't talk about it, there must be a reason. Not because it's not interesting or relevant, but sometimes, even if the will is good, it can be considered too "intimate".
Because few people, whatever their situation, are ready to expose their life and way of thinking, and even less so in front of a camera.


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WhatsApp : (+32) 479 36 33 34

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Instagram : yualb.jpeg

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