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I lived there for a semester and I assure you, this is not enough. The food is delicious, you can eat as much as tacos you want there, this is never gonna be the same as in Europe. The atmosphere and people are all the time happy, welcoming and sweet. Las fiestas: aie aie aie !

And the landscapes and places you'll see there are incomparable.

Go there. I swear, you won't be disappointed. 




In Guatemala I heard a lot “Stress less and enjoy the best.” And this is what I did. Once again, people, landscapes, food, visits... everything was amazing. 

And there is for everyone ! beach, parties, nature, hikes, ruins, history... 


South Africa

Once again, there is not a day I was not amazed. Going to this country, known as "really dangerous", was not my first choice. And you know what ? I am currently tracking ticket planes to go back there. 

I coud not describe how welcoming, happy and careful people are ! But the history, the nature & the vibe are also things I miss a lot.

One of the best sunset I have ever seen. 

I had the chance to go to Soweto and meet a family from the Block 4, to go on Safari game tours, to explore a bit of Johannesburg and its crazy nice bars, to meet so many photographers... I will definitely come back, "ek belowe jou". 

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